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CNC router machine carving, choose good after cutting tool, cutting tool installation, be adjusted.CNC router machine tool adjustment mainly X, Y, Z axis and define the cutting point processing depth.Adjust the knives and defines the Z axis up knife point is the key to the processing of CNC  router machine carving process, is the important guarantee of quality of sculpture.CNC router machine tool adjustment form the final operation is to define the knife point Z axis, and the Z axis is actually the cutting point Z to processing the origin.Three dimensional machining tool adjustment is to define the main turning point.Defines the knife point in general 3 d processing on the surface, don’t need to define the processing depth, by processing parameters to control the Z axis depth under the knife.
Two-dimensional process, Z axis adjustment of cutting point there are two ways: one way is to define the cutting point in machining on the surface, deep processing, according to actual circumstances, shall be defined separately.Another way is the low defines the knife point in the process turning, turning the depth is defined as zero.(this kind of machining method can use the presser foot to elaborate graphics. Processing materials for double color plate, aluminum-plastic plate, etc.).
Tool adjustment process: (1) the tool clamping in the spindle head card.Choose a certain speed, starting motor;(2) move the spindle shaft head manually thistle board processing on the place of a don’t, manual Z axis in cutting tool material near the end of the fast, will step into a 0.05 mm Z axis movement.The turning point of the plate planish, ensure that the board face low try a knife.The Z axis slowly downward movement will knives to eat on the panel;(3) use the manual movement way, to draw a small rectangle on the material surface, cutting tool is’ JB ‘B J turning materials.General tool just eat to form on the surface of the Z axis is carried a step to eat less than you.The Z axis coordinates for the presser foot is not used the Z axis point on the edge of the sword;(4) when using presser foot, at the beginning of the cutting tool for materials, eating down 0.1 mm.Use the manual way to draw a small rectangle, observe the knives, carving as fully carve the material surface and deep turning, the ideal adjustment of cutting tool, otherwise, you need to adjust cutting tool depth.Z axis and down movement 0. I a 0.15 mm, forming a certain amount of floating, at this point, the position of the Z axis is the cutting point of the Z axis.The definition of machining depth should be zero.Note: when using presser foot processing, you must define the Z axis, otherwise will not be able to process.In addition, in order to prevent the material surface uneven or a foreign body, do not use the presser foot also need to define the Z axis stroke, tool to prevent high enough scratch or damage to the cutting tool material surface.Should be paid attention to, the Z axis is not greater than the Z axis the knife point coordinates, when the Z axis stroke is greater than the Z axis up the knife, tool when the origin travel switch and led to the suspension of processing.

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